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By Jamilah Chen | 21 November 2022 | 0 Comments

Christmas Gift Guide 2022

Believe it or not, it’s already time to start shopping for your holiday gifts. We know, we know, it’s one more months out. But if you like to order YIDI Scooter, purchase the order now. Because of the shipping time is not stable ( 45-60 days ).
We gathered up 5 of our favorite holiday gifts for men, women and family. These are top-rated in selling , editor-beloved gifts that are sure to make this holiday season even brighter. 

  1. Popular Fat Tire Mountain Electric Bike

         From $781/units

Classic style electric bike with pedals assist. it is equipped with power battery, shock absorption system and big fat tire. 750w single motor and 1500w dual motor are available. The MAX speed is 50km/h... It's fast, powerful and smooth. You will a feeling of freedom like driving in a powerful car on the open road. Check out our full review here.

  1. Cool Features Super D73 Off Road Electric Motorcycle

          From $1219/units

Complete machine solemn appearance generous, innovative modeling. The flashing Light decoration on the side. D73 Electric motorcycle has highly configured with touch screen display, bluetooth audio and GPS assisted. 5 speed gear could adjustable. 750w,1500w and 2000w motor are available to choose.

          3.Fresh Literature Style Pet Carry Family Electric Scooter

          From $438/units

Overall modelling is unique and good for the pet owner driving with the baby pets together. The handlebar is fold-able, and it is apartment friendly scooter. You could enjoy your time with the Pets. The child seat design could easy to pick-up the kids. 400w motor and MAX speed is 25km/h, Front Disc Rear Drum Brake System are good safety feature. Click it, check more information. 


          4. Detachable Canopy Four Wheel Mobility Scooter for Elderly

          From $922/units

The dual motor drive four-wheels electric scooter. Double motor drive together, has great grade ability and more more power-efficient. Detachable Canopy protect your driving in sun,wind and rain. Four suspension system ensure the motor a smooth ride.

Difference configuration with difference price, more scooters more discount,please kindly share us your purchase plan to our customer service.
We also can offer custom LOGO service, welcome your cooperation!

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