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By Jamilah Chen | 13 May 2022 | 0 Comments

How to build an electric bike?

Welcome to YIDI innovation & production centre and looking over manufacturing process.

Material Selection

We have built a strict quality-monitoring framework to control the quality of the raw materials and ensure that our products are of good quality.

Processing technique
The raw materials were cut, bent, punched, welded and so on, to form the original fuselage frame, which is then calibrated and tested by professional technicians for each frame.

Paint Spraying
Each YIDI e-bike goes through painting, anti-rust and anti-corrosion process. Each of them is quality checked to ensure even and smooth coverage.

Hub and tire
Assemble the hub and tire together, and then test. Every step is very strict.

We have made our factory very efficient, each scooter is assembled and checked by a team of 10 trained technicians.

Quality Inspection
YIDI gives top priority to our quality. All products pass strict multi inspection process before they go out,  which gives customers multi guarantee.

After quality inspection, we have packed all parts with pearl cotton and bubble film in advance, and then put them into 7-layer corrugated cartons, finally seal the box and packing belt.

So YIDI electric e-bike are completed.  Thank you for reading, if you have purchase plan or cooperation intention, please contact our customer service.  


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