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By Olivia Zhou | 25 May 2022 | 0 Comments

The importance of choosing the right vehicle.

Parent-child scooter

If you usually go out with your child, I recommend some parent-child electric scooters with child seat in front.
CC,CC3 and G1 are a good choice .

Front mounted design, better view and more enjoyable ride for the child.

Simple design makes them look cleaner and more fashionable.
I think if you ride on the road, people who passing you will keep their eyes on your scooter.
b1-baby seat
If your toddler just 1-3 years old.I suggest remove the child seat from the electric vehicle and install YIDI-b1 baby seat.
3-point harnesses have shoulder straps that meet at the buckle will safer for your baby.

Front mounted design will more convenient to observing of your baby behavior and talk with her.Maybe your baby's communication skills is not strong enough,but she can speak in two- and three-word phrases or sentences with you.
Using the front seat of the bicycle will keep your eyes from both your baby and the road.

It's worth noting that if your baby is too small to adapt to inertia of electric vehicles,I suggest you can attach a soft cushion or a toys in the front of the scooter to protect your baby.
When your child is over 4 years old, you can remove the b1 baby seat and install the original child seat in the scooter. In this way, when your child grows up, she can still ride with you.

Pet electric scooter

If you have a pet, I think the above electric scooters are very suitable for you.They are so cute,and I can't wait to introduce them to you. They have a very spacious pet basket. You can take your pet go out with you.
Of course, it doesn't prevent you from taking your child with you. Because it also has a front child seat design.You can go outing together with your pet and child.
Note: If your baby is a large breed pet, please consult the customer service first, because this pet carrier may not be able to accommodate your big baby.



Electric scooter for cats
If you want to take your cats outside, I think D16 and D-3K is your best choice. It has three round exhaust holes for exhaust and a transparent window, so that your baby won't be scare to stay in it.

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