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By Jamilah Chen | 28 May 2022 | 0 Comments

Use Method Of E-bike's Lithium Battery

1. Timely Charging
After discharging, lithium batteries go through the process of sulfidation, and if they are charged in time, they can clear away non-serious sulfidation .  Therefore, lithium batteries should be charged as soon as possible before battery is dying, so that the battery is in a full state as far as possible.

2. Discharge Periodically
The battery is discharged thoroughly periodically. This way can activate the battery and slightly increase its capacity.  The general method is to discharge the battery completely at regular intervals.
3. Use The Original Charger
Generally, do not change the charger.  In addition, do not remove the overspeed governor of the controller. Although it can improve the speed of some e-bike, but will reduce the life of the battery also.
4. Storage Of Lithium Batteries
When the battery is not in use for a long time, it should be disconnected from the e-bike. Charging the battery at an interval of one month, to avoid automatic discharge of the battery, or over discharge due to the power consumption from the protection board.

Warm Tips
* When charging, plug in the battery plug first, then the power plug.  After charging, unplug the power plug first and then the battery plug.
* When starting the e-bike, we should accelerate slowly to avoid high current discharge. Try not to carry passengers. In uphill road, this is best to push the e-bike or assist with the pedal and move ahead. Do not accelerate the e-bike violently. Otherwise, it will damage the battery.  
* If you don't ride an e-bike for a long time, you'd better take out the battery and charge it once every other month.
*Charge frequently in cold weather. In daily use, do not wait until the power drops below 30%, and then to charge the battery. It will damage the battery.


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