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By Jamilah Chen | 02 September 2022 | 0 Comments

What’s the Difference Between a Brushless and a Brushed Motor?

We are using brushless motor for YIDI electric scooters. Why do we use higher price brushless motors?  Many buyers do not know the difference between brushless motor and brushless motor?   The following i will explain it.
The primary difference between brushed and brushless motors is that brushed motors are mechanically driven and brushless are electronically driven.
In brushed motors, the stator (stationary part) contains permanent magnets while the rotor (moving part) contains electromagnets. Carbon brushes in physical contact with the commutator in the rotor transfer the electric voltage to it. This voltage creates an electromagnetic field in the rotor. By continually flipping the polarity of the magnetic pull via the commutator, spinning motion is achieved.The design is simple but has its disadvantages:
*Less efficiency
*Shorter life span
*Requires more maintenance
In brushless motors, things are flipped. The rotor contains the permanent magnets and the stator creates the electromagnetic field. Instead of brushes, an electronic controller creates a three-phase variable current that powers the motor’s coils in succession. This forms a rotating magnetic field in the stator that powers the rotor’s magnets and creates the spinning motion.
There are a few disadvantages of the brushless design:
*Requires electronic controller
*More expensive
*More complex

What are the Advantages of Brushed and Brushless DC Motors?

Why brushless motors are costly?
Due to the restricted space, the windings on most small in-runners have to be installed by hand. This is a difficult and time-consuming and job, which makes them more expensive than machine wound brushed motors
Thanks to reliability and longevity, the brushless DC motor has widely used in into electric vehicles. And we use its for our all electric scooters.
Questions? About electric scooter. Get in touch with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives to learn more. 

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