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Company History

2014 --YIDI Factory was established

2016 -- the logistics mode of YIDI by manufacturers broke through the distribution speed at that time

2016 --dudu pet electric scooter exceeded 5 million yuan

2017 -- promoting new  image and building YIDI brand

2018 -- The new factory was completed and all Dudu pet electric scooter were launched on the market
2019 -- Our electric scooter exceeded 60 thousand  Sales volume.                
2021 -- Upgraded production line of the factory, successfully developed 29 model products for mass production

2022 -- Research and development of pet electric scooter into the new system.

2023 -- Establishing a Korean warehouse.
          Address:1598, Unjusan-ro, Jeonui-myeon, Sejong-si, Republic of Korea YIDIKOREA  
          Phone number: +86 13076550611 /+86 18818946828